Software Engineer, Front-End / Web Developer

Arroyo Networks has an immediate opening for a lead software engineer for front-end development of their SDN-based product INFLOW™.

  • Location: Houghton, MI (or) Ann Arbor, MI
  • Remote Availability: Yes, However Local Presence Preferred
  • Health Benefits: Available
  • Other Benefits: Free Snacks, Modern Working Space, and Unlimited Vacation
  • Equity: Available
  • Job Level: Mid-Career
  • Experience: 2 Years Preferred
  • Start Date: Immediate

Please submit applications to our AngelList posting: Arroyo @ AngelList

About this Position

INFLOW™ is the premiere SaaS-based product of Arroyo Networks. It provides customers the ability to deploy virtual network gateways, functions, and services. Built with API-first design, INFLOW™ now requires a user-facing “control panel” to be built.

Candidates for this position must be able to lead the front-end development efforts behind building a fully functional dashboard including:

  • Ability for Customers to Add, Configure, and Delete INFLOW™ Resources
  • Ability for Customers to See and Configure Statistical Analysis and Graphs about Network Flows and Telemetry Data
  • Ability to Reliably Implement Billing and User Management Features

As the technical lead for the front-end development, candidates must be comfortable with basic design elements, however this is not a graphic design or user experience position.

We look for our candidates to be self-starts, capable of not only working with a team, but able to complete tasks in a timely manner. We encourage continuous learning and focus on finding candidates that are driven to learn and play with new technologies, not just those who are subject-matter experts in specific frameworks.

Technologies Involved

Candidates with the following proficiencies will be highly considered:

  • Single Page Application Technologies, Specifically Angular (Or Similar)
  • OAuth and OpenID Concepts (for Authentication and Authorization)
  • REST API Interactions
  • Modern Web App Deployment Models
  • Security Conscience Design

Candidates are not required to have the following proficiencies, but will aid in the open position:

  • SQL Database Basics
  • Redis Database Basics
  • REST API Design (Python)
  • gRPC and Protobuf
  • Kubernetes and Linux Containers
  • Network Topology Knowledge

Work Environment

We understand what techies want because we’re techies ourselves! Come work in our clean and modern office space with amenities like standing desks, mechanical keyboards, and much more.

We strive for open and competitive discussions among the entire team. Only when we professionally challenge ourselves on a daily basis, can we build the latest and greatest products for our customers. We promote ideas from all positions, because only by using everyone’s unique experiences and strengths, can we build a truly unique and strong company.


  • 2+ Years Preferred working on Single Page Applications and Modern Web Technologies
  • Experience Working With Improving Customer Experiences and Basic Design. (This is not a design position).


  • High School Graduate or Equivalent is Mandatory.
  • 2 Year Degree or Higher Preferred but NOT Required.

How to Apply

Please submit applications or inquiries to our AngelList posting: Arroyo @ AngelList